A native of Louisiana and longtime resident of Ireland, Seán Patrick Donlan is a Law Professor and Deputy Head of the University of the South Pacific School of Law.

From the School of Law of the University of the South Pacific Page:

Dr Donlan was educated in Louisiana – an American ‘mixed jurisdiction’ – and Ireland and taught in Ireland, as well as in Canada, France, Italy, and Malta. His teaching has included (i) foundational classes on legal systems, methods, and principles and (ii) upper-level and graduate modules on comparative law, constitutional law, and legal philosophy. Dr Donlan has written numerous articles and book chapters and edited a number of books. He’s written on comparative law, history and legal history, and legal philosophy, especially Edmund Burke (c1730-1797), comparative legal history, mixed legal traditions, and micro-jurisdictions. He’s also managed several legal blogs and created and edited Comparative Legal History and the Juris Diversitas Book Series.

Dr Donlan has been active in the European Society for Comparative Legal History, the World Society for Mixed Jurisdiction Jurists, and other professional organisations. He’s a member of the International Academy of Comparative Law and President Emeritus of Juris Diversitas.