Laws and Norms in the Colonial South Pacific (Final Call for Participants)

Laws and Norms in the Colonial South Pacific

I’m submitting a funding proposal to bring together scholars (historians, anthropologists, jurists, post-colonialists, etc, etc) from across the Pacific to

-consider the historiographical challenges of research on normativity (both expressive and justice-oriented custom, Christianitiy, etc) and legality in the Pacific (ie, how do we best capture norms and laws from our past, given the biases of the written record and unreliability of oral history)
-generate, in the short term, publishable case studies (either applying different historiographical approaches or engaging in research on the meeting or mixing of various laws and orders)
-establish, over the longer term, a network for future research

The event is likely to be held in Fiji early in 2018. It would be a combination of a training workshop (on state-of-the-art historiography) and conference (sharing of case studies).

The proposal will be sent on Monday morning, 24 April. If you’re interested, let me know here or at


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