Couch Potatoe?

18 January 2017 – Washington, DC
Governor Rick Perry’s Confirmation Hearings
SENATOR: Governor, can you tell us what makes you unqualified for this position?
PERRY: I will tell you, there are three things that I lack. Expertise, Judgement, and ….
PERRY: What’s the third one there? Let’s see.
SENATOR: Just three?
PERRY: Maybe five? Okay. Expertise, Judgement, and …
SENATOR: The ability to pronounce ‘nuclear’?
PERRY: Nuk-kah-ler. There you go.
SENATOR: Seriously — is that what you are talking about?
PERRY: No, sir, no, sir. We are talking about the …
PERRY: … lack of qualifications …
PERRY: but I do have some trouble with the word.
SENATOR: You can’t — you can’t name a third way in which you’re unqualified?
PERRY: The third way in which I’m unqualified is …
PERRY: I lack judgement, and ….
SENATOR: Expertise?
PERRY: Expertise and, let’s see. I can’t.

PERRY: A third one, I can’t.


PERRY: Sorry. Oops.

Perry later remembered that he also lacked prudence, among other things.

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