I’ve run a number of informative legal blogs. When I gave those up, I foolishly and unthinkingly followed the same approach here, posting anything I thought interesting, including scores of articles on the election. I hope these were of some interest. I know they served to separate the decent and the deplorable.
While being on my island means that social media remains essential to keeping in touch with distant friends and will continue to be important sources of information about the nations I love, I hope to become a little less active there. I’ll still be around, but like many of you, I need to decide how to respond constructively to the challenges of the new regime.
This might still involve the occasional article here on the blog. In any event, keep the faith. If too few people voted, remember that this also means that only one in four voters actually chose the bigot. America and many Americans, for all their faults, are better than the people who claim to represent them and their interests.

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