Beginning November 9, we’ll change our name to BAD HOMBRES.
We have a new owner and better, really terrific, food and service.
Come in and we’ll grab you with our prices!
Our new specials include:
The Super-Sized Bucket of Deplorables! (all white meat!)
Touch of Evil Tacos! (they go off like a bomb!)
Nice Legs! (wait ’til you get your hands on these!)
Bigly Borderitos! (they’re yuuuuuuuuuuuuge!)
Picante Piggy Platter! (just the right size!)
Blackened Burger! (a real disaster, but delicious!)
You’re Fired Fajitas! (you’ll be crawlin’ out!)
Nuclear Nuggets! (made for the tiniest hands!)
Fascist Frog Legs! (they’re alt-right and all-right!)
Extreme Enchiladas! (enchiladas, but extreme!)
Nasty Nachos! (for the ladies, that’s right!)
Sad Steaks! (they’re old, but they’re cheap!)
Our Wall of Fries! (but we’re gonna make you pay!)
Cookoo Cola! (it’ll make you mad for more!)
Radical Ice Tea! (but you have to say it to get it!)
Murdering Mexicans Margaritas! (you be the judge!)
And free Cheetos, Skittles, or Tic-Tacs with every meal!
Kids get a free puppet!
You’re going to love it! Believe me!
We’re going to #MakeMexicanGreatAgain!!
And keep an eye out for our new fleet of Taco Trucks!

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