Where’s the Beef? Hillary and Hate in the Empire State

Some highlights from tonight’s debate.


DT: Who am I? Why am I here? (silence)

LH: Mr Trump?

DT ‘No really. What the hell is everyone thinking?’ (checks watch)



I won’t make Deplorable Donald’s naiveté an issue.

I won’t exploit for political purposes his yuge inexperience.



There is no Russian domination of Crimea, and there never will be under a Trump administration. (walks around stage)



I was served by Ronald McDonald.

Ronald McDonald was friendly to me.

Donald, you’re no Ronald McDonald.



Three branches of government when I get there are gone.

The Legislative, the Judicial, and … what’s the third one?

Donald Trump


Donald Trump taking credit for ending the birther nonsense is like the rooster taking credit for the sunrise. (sighs)



There I go again.




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