Publications (Selected)


  • Legal Education and the Profession in Three Mixed/Micro Jurisdictions: Malta, Jersey, Seychelles, with D Marrani, M Twomey, and DE Zammit, for C Morris and P Butler (eds), Small States in a Legal World (Springer 2017)
  • Comparative? Legal? History? crossing boundaries for A Masferrer, KÅ Modéer, and O Moréteau (eds), Comparative legal history: a research handbook in comparative law (Elgar 2017)
  • Island, Intersection, or In-Between? Legal Hybridity and Diffusion in the Seychellois Legal Tradition, c1715-1950, with M Twomey, for SP Donlan and J Mair, Mixity, metaphor, and marriage: essays in honour of Esin Örücü (Routledge 2017)

Published Books and Journals

Published Articles

  • Everything old is new again: Stateless law, the state of the law schools, and comparative legal/normative history for S Van Praagh and H Dedek (ed), Stateless law: evolving boundaries of a discipline (Ashgate)
  • To hybridity and beyond: reflections on legal and normative complexity for M Mattar, V Palmer, and A Koppel (eds), Mixed legal systems, East and West (Ashgate)
  • An Introductory Overview and Endnote to Mixed Legal Systems: Endangered, Entrenched, Blended or Muddled? (each with E Örücü and S Farran) for Örücü, Farran, and Donlan (eds), A study of mixed legal systems: endangered, entrenched, or blended (Ashgate)
  • Concepts of Law: An Introduction (with L Heckendorn Urscheler) for Donlan and Heckendorn-Urscheler (eds), Concepts of law: comparative, jurisprudential, and social science perspectives (Ashgate)
  • Things being various: normativity, legality, state legality for M Adams and D Heirbaut (eds), The method and culture of comparative law: essays in honour of Mark Van Hoecke (Hart 2014)

Review Articles

  • Comparative Legal Histories, Pluralities, and Empires: Review Article of L Benton and RJ Ross (eds), Legal Pluralism and Empires, 1500-1850 (2013) and S Dorsett and J McLaren (eds), Legal histories of the British Empire (2014), for (2014) 2:2 Comparative Legal History 


  • SE Hadden and P Hagler Minter (eds), Signposts: new directions in Southern legal history (2013), in (2015) 3:2 Comparative Legal History 336
  • A Schiavone, The invention of law in the West (2012), tr J Carden, in (2013) 1:2 Comparative Legal History 291
  • M Croce, Self-sufficiency of law: a critical-institutional theory of social order (2012) in (2013) 47 Law & Society Review 988
  • E Melissaris, Ubiquitous law: legal theory and the space for legal pluralism (2009) in (2012) 25 Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 177
  • D von Daniels, The concept of law from a transnational perspective (2010) in (2011) 60 International and Comparative Law Quarterly 1095

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